At Scientific & Regulatory Consultants, Inc. (SRC), our mission is to create a better world through antimicrobial and pesticide use, innovation, and compliance. This mission became more important than ever, in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. SRC has continued our focus on helping drive change and showing our appreciation for our local community and industry through our charitable giving and volunteer work.

Charitable Giving

SRC boasts a core value of Community and seeks opportunities to identify and provide support to local organizations addressing the issues in our community. To show our endless gratitude to those who made personal sacrifices for our health and well-being during the pandemic, we donated meals and gift cards from local restaurants to first responders and local hospital staff.

In addition, we also supported our local food bank, animal shelter, transitional shelter, and multiple organizations that provide specialized tools and assistance for youth education, along with multiple groups with missions to foster respect and equal opportunities for all. SRC works with the Whitley County Community Foundation to determine the areas with the most need and help to address them. We are excited to have established a non-directed donor advised fund to allow the Community Foundation to identify and support key initiatives as they arise.


The SRC team values taking the time to help others in both our local and professional communities. SRC consultants have volunteered throughout the pandemic to share and spread crucial information to the disinfectant industry on how to properly register and market products for use against SARS-CoV-2 (the COVID-19 causing virus). The information presented to the industry by our team included the pathways to achieve expedited EPA review for disinfectants adding SARS-CoV-2 claims, regulatory issues surrounding cleaning products, and FDA’s policies for the registration, sale, and labeling of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Additionally, our team volunteers on numerous non-profit boards and trade association committees, including, but not limited to:

  • Principal Regulatory Consultant, Tony Herber, who received the 2020 HCPA Volunteer Recognition Award for his work as the ANTI Program Chair,
  • CEO, Rhonda Jones, who is Vice Chair of the HCPA Board and serves on the PPDC Emerging Pathogen Work Group, HCPA COVID-19 Work Group, and CBC COVID-19 Policy Work Group,
  • and CFO, Cassie Jones, who serves as Secretary for the Mission25 Whitley County Transitional Living Program Board, providing a pathway of prevention, transition, and recovery to those most effected by the pandemic.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary during this trying time, SRC has made the commitment to our “25 for 25 Donation”. During our 25th year, SRC is excited to make donations to 25 organizations that will be selected by our team.  While we are thrilled to have reached this milestone, we are even more delighted for the opportunity to continue to give back and support our community.