SRC has broad expertise in a number of specialties.

Beyond the support we provide with federal regulatory affairs, SRC can assist in preparing SEC reports, Initial Public Offerings, publications, and regulatory staff training. Our clients have relied on our skills and expertise for crafting responses to new regulatory policies and guidelines, while others have looked to SRC to assist in test method development and approval through standard-setting organizations. Experts in the industry trust SRC as a qualified expert and have called on us to present at FDA Advisory Committee Meetings and EPA Scientific Advisory Panel Meetings.

Our expertise in chemistry, efficacy, and toxicology has proven to be a valuable resource to those we serve. Clients have come to know SRC as a group equipped to aid in research and development, quality auditing, registration, compliance, technical writing, and manufacturing.

Our Services

  • Access innovative technology
  • Market appraisal/research
  • Technical writing
  • Marketing
  • Journal article or white paper preparation
  • Efficient project management
  • Organic materials registration
    • OMRI, California OIM, Washington Organic Program
      • Soil & plant amendments
      • Disinfectants
      • Sanitizers
  • Cost analysis
  • Innovative product claims
  • Respond to new regulations/methods
  • Impact of new regulations
  • Trade association representation
  • Technical training
  • Enforcement response/negotiation
  • Label preparation and review
  • New test method development
  • Data compensation
  • DFE
  • Safer Choice
  • WoolSafe
  • Competitive surveillance
  • Import/export
  • Literature searches
  • NSF certification
  • Initial Public Offering preparation
  • SEC filings
  • Data compensation representation
  • CARB interpretation
  • Data evaluation
  • Expert witness
  • Technical support for legal cases
  • Kosher
  • CRI
  • Green Seal

Our Services

EPA Scientific and regulatory strategies for biocidal and pesticidal products.

FDA  – FDA antimicrobial drug and device offerings.

State Registration – Comprehensive state registrations and tracking services.

Test Management – Data development and management for efficacy, chemistry, and toxicology.

International – Global registration strategies and substantiation.

Ingredient Disclosure – Ingredient list review and disclosure assistance.

Safety Data Sheets – Authoring and analysis for proper hazard classification and communication.

Cosmetic Products – FDA and state law compliance support for cosmetics.

Other Specialties – R&D, quality, auditing, and organic materials registration.

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