On May 9, 2024, the Ohio Department of Agriculture released a new online database submission portal (OHID) for pesticide product registration. In addition to the release of this portal, Ohio has announced other major changes to its registration process that are now in effect and require immediate action.

Renewal Registrations

In an effort to move away from paper submissions, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is requesting registrants submit product registration renewals online. Also, renewal notifications will only be sent via email going forward. If you are in need of a hard copy renewal form, an email request must be sent to AGRPestFertProducts@agri.ohio.gov.

Label Updates

All registration label updates will now be performed online via ALSTAR or the new OHID web portal. There will no longer be an option to submit label updates via email.

Registration of Multiple Scents

All scents will now be required to be registered as separate brand names with a $150 state fee. Registrants will no longer be able to submit under a “various scent” registration, as was previously allowed for brands where the scent was not included in the EPA approved ABN.

Any products presently registered as “Various Scents” will need to be registered as separate brand names with individual scent descriptors to remain active in Ohio starting June 30, 2024. This will lead to an additional $150 registration fee due for each additional product scent sold in the state.

The SRC team is working to update our processes and review our clients’ product lines to ensure compliance with this change. Please contact the SRC State Registration Team with any questions about how this change will affect your product registrations.




Celeste Bontrager

State Registration Specialist

Posted on: 05/15/24