Per California Notice 2024-09, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) held a webinar to discuss their proposed increase in pesticide registration fees. The fees will increase in two stages over their next two fiscal years. In support of the fee increases, DPR is citing the need to support current and future business functions of the pesticide registration program.

DPR Proposed Fee Increases

If approved, the 23/24 fee increase (third column) is expected to go into effect in September of this year, with the second increase (fourth column) next year.

DPR is holding a 30-day public comment period until May 17, 2024. Please contact your SRC Regulatory Consultant with any statements you would like to be shared with DPR regarding this change and how it may impact your business. Comments may also be sent directly to DPR at

DPR believes the additional revenue from this fee increase will provide the resources necessary to improve the speed and transparency of the registration process. They are also planning to create expedited registration pathways for alternatives to high-risk pesticides, eliminate their backlog, and develop a process for evaluating novel products and chemistries.

We recommend working with your marketing team to plan label updates to avoid multiple update fees. Please reach out to your SRC Registration Specialist for more information regarding these registration fee increases. Thank you for allowing SRC to partner with you.




Christina Wilkinson

Consulting Associate 

Posted on: 05/07/24