Don’t know where to start creating your product label? SRC is pleased to announce we can aid in drafting state label language to better assist you in the label creation process. SRC will provide all the required label language based on the claims you would like to utilize for your product.

How will this service benefit you?

By allowing SRC to partner with you on the first step of label creation, we can limit the number of label comments and/or changes needed before your label is ready for state submission. This means you can get your product submitted to states, and into the market more quickly by minimizing the time needed for the final label review process.

How will SRC provide the required language?

  1. You provide SRC with your desired label claims and the EPA Reg. No. associated with your product.
  2. SRC will layout the required language needed for your state product label via word document and provide guidance on label placement for each section (i.e., language that must appear on the front panel only, vs. language that can appear on the back panel) based on the most current EPA stamped approved master label.
  3. After SRC provides you with your drafted language you may proceed with creating the state product label as you normally would utilizing the prepared text.
  4. SRC will conduct a final state product label review to confirm all label elements and final layout comply with the current stamped master label.


Please reach out to your SRC State Registration Specialist for more information regarding this additional label support.

As always, thank you for allowing SRC to partner with you.

Chelsey Sandlin

Registration Specialist

Posted 7/28/22