Are You Meeting Your Compliance Deadlines?

Senate Bill 258 (Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017) requires manufacturers of designated products sold in California to disclose ingredient information on the website (Jan. 1, 2020) and label (Jan. 1, 2021). Ingredient information required to be disclosed is based on criteria relating to intentionally added ingredients, listings on designated lists, nonfunctional constituents, fragrance allergens, and concentration in the product. Your ingredient list must be broken down to constituent level and cross-referenced against all 23 designated lists.

Product Types Affected:

  • Air care
  • Automotive
  • General cleaning products
  • Polish or floor maintenance products used primarily for janitorial, domestic, or institutional cleaning purposes

Ingredient Disclosure is an Ongoing Commitment

Designated lists are subject to change. Senate Bill 258 allows 6 months for your website disclosure to be updated and 18 months for your product label to be updated. SRC recommends completing a product assessment every 6 months to ensure you maintain compliance and avoid enforcement actions. 


Follow the link for SRC Senior Consultant, Jamie Venable’s article on the Do’s and Don’ts of ingredient disclosure requirements. View Ingredient Disclosure Article


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